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Here are some "good night messages or quotes"

Here are some “good night messages or quotes”

In the era of mobile and technology, we all have become modern. Nowadays, all of us are almost using social media platforms. Sending “good morning” and “good night” wishes through these platforms have brought our friends and relatives close to us. So, this is why we have brought you the unique “good night messages” which you can send to your loved ones and shows them that you care for them. In this article, all the written below “good night messages or quotes” are unique and feel free to shares these messages with your loved one.

good night messages or quotes

1- The stars are flickering in the sky, the moon is playing with clouds. Let us also fall asleep and be lost in sweet dreams. Good night and sweet dreams. Have a tight sleep.

2- God has given us a day to work, the night to take the rest, do you know why so? It is so that you can prepare yourself for the next day for a new challenge. Good night and sweet dreams.

3- Sometimes it is necessary to have a heart like a stone to walk with time. Because you would not be able to handle if you will have a heart like a candle. Good night and sweet dreams.

4- Close your tiny eyes before sleeping, and try to remember all the loveliest moments that we have spent together because I assure you, you will feel happy more than ever. Good night and sweet dreams.

5- Everyone seems to be lost in the stars of the sky, every star seems to be looking shy, but there is only one beautiful star shining who is extraordinary close to mine.

6- When we will be treated with their eyes, In their  heart, there will be love for us, The night is passing in their memory, When they will be similarly waiting for us…good night!

7- Say goodbye to all the sorrows and pain, try to sleep happily under the moonlight Sweet nightmares will surely come to you this night … good night!! Sweet dreams !!

8- Every time you close your tiny eyes and fall asleep, may you have only the sweet nightmare dream. And every time you open your eyes in the morning, I wish you see your future more bright and shining. Good night. Sweet Dreams !!!

9- An awesome good night is when you are sleeping comfortably during the night charming. And I wish that nothing interrupts your precious sleep, until the next morning. Good night. Have a lovely sleep!

10- The thought of holding your hands in my hands keeps me calm, I am totally in love with all of your charms, Then, I think about the loveliest way and I promise to stay with you throughout the next day. Good night and may you have the loveliest dreams ever this night <3

11- Working all the entire day we get so exhausted at the day’s end, and all we are left with the thing that we want to get in the bed. Relax your mind from all the things you are responsible for and try to fall asleep as soon as it is possible <3 Good night with lots of love.

12- The night seems to be long enough, here I am desperately waiting for you to get up, I would not be able to fall asleep like this, all I want you to hug me and kiss. Good night and have lovely dreams.

13- Imagine the darkness of the night like a canvas on which I am going to paint the dreams which we have seen together, if you promise to stay in my life forever, I also promise to hold you in my arms forever. Good night. May you have a wonderful dreamy night.

14- My past will never come in between us, as long as I have you in my life, I have started staying happy for no reason because I have got the loveliest wife.. and that’s you of course. Good night love

15- Saying good night to you is one of my favorite rituals of bedtime, I wish you have an awesome future which will be as bright as sunshine. Good night dear.


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